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Late Night with LRIG: Rapid-Fire Innovation Session

Monday, February 9, 2015 — 6:30 - 8:30 pm
Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Room 147

All attendees are invited to participate in this highly interactive forum which weaves together all the constituent audiences participating at SLAS2015. Attendees will discuss and learn about the latest innovations in technology products and services impacting laboratory automation and screening while hearing quick information-bites from these 17 companies in an open atmosphere. There will be time for questions-and-answers, and seating is on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Admission is FREE — complimentary drinks and refreshments will be served.

SLAS2015 participating companies are:

Session #1

Moderator: Andy Zaayenga, Managing Director, SmarterLab, Laboratory Automation Consulting

Creoptix: Creoptix WAVE — Where High Sensitivity meets Label-Free
Presenter: Matyas Vegh, PhD., MBA

BlueCatBio: Plate Washing and Media Changes by Centrifugation - overcoming limitations of aspiration based washing
Presenter: Frank Feist, CEO

BrandTech Scientific: New Insert Plate System for robotic 3D tissue culture
Presenter: Stephanie Franco, Technical Product Manager — HTS Products

Ceres Nanosciences: "Nanotrap® Automated Sample Processing Workflow"
Presenter: Ben Lepene, Director of R&D

Labcyte: Large Volume Transfers with the Echo® 525 Liquid Handler and Reservoir
Presenter: Randall Lowe, Product Manager

StackWave: LabOps: Turn your laboratory's untapped operational data into insight
Presenter: Daniel Goldman, Principal

Session #2

Moderator: Anne Kopf-Sill, Director R&D, eFluidics

CorSolutions: Low Volume Precision Dispensing with Direct Fluid Volume Measurement and Traceability
Presenter: Thomas Corso, Chief Technical Officer

IntelliCyt Corporation: Advances in Screening for Immunology
Presenter: Joseph Zock, Senior Director of Product Management

Union Biometrica: VAST BioImager™ — instrumentation for automation of zebrafish larvae image collection
Presenter: Rock Pulak, Director of Life Science Technologies

SiTOOLS Biotech: siPOOLs: Complex and defined siRNA Pools eliminate Off-target effects
Presenter: Dr. Michael Hannus, CEO and Founder

BioTek Instruments: Cytation™ 5 Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Microplate Reader: An Overview
Presenter: Caleb Foster, Product Manager, Development

Nexcelom Bioscience: A Rapid 3D Tumor Spheroid Analysis Method using the Celigo Imaging Cytometer
Presenter: Jean Qiu, CTO

Session #3

Moderator: Sanj Kumar, Head of Business — Biomonitor | EuroDiagnostica

The Electrospinning Company: Mimetix scaffolds: 3D cell culture made easy
Presenter: Ann Kramer, CEO

SAMDI Tech: Label-Free Assays for Epigenetics Targets
Presenter: Michael Scholle, Director

Grenova: GrenovaTipNovus — Tip Washer
Presenter: Ali Safavi, President and CEO

Sirius Automation: Automated Dispensing of Granular Solids to Target Weights and Ratios, With Vial Capping
Presenter: Tony Cox, Sales Manager

STACS DNA: How to Significantly Increase Your Lab's Capacity Without Hiring
Presenter: Tim Stacy, VP Marketing