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SLAS2015 Short Courses

Liquid Handling Essentials — A Hands-on Workshop Bridging Fundamental Concepts to Practice

This course is designed with the new and experienced liquid handling user in mind. With a balanced mix of lecture and hands-on activities, the course will focus on understanding and applying key liquid handling concepts while measuring the outcome on live systems. Best practices and guidance for assessing and maintaining quality pipetting performance will be emphasized.

Who Should Attend:

Anyone interested in gaining an understanding of liquid handling parameters and better control of their devices, whether managing or executing automated liquid handling processes.

How You Will Benefit From This Course:

Course Topics:

Course Instructors:

Nathaniel Hentz, Ph.D.

Nat is an industry leader with years of experience developing high-throughput screening assays, automating and optimizing laboratory equipment, and investigating new technologies with Eli Lilly & Co. and Bristol-Myers Squibb.

As a Technology Training Director at the North Carolina State University, Nat specializes in hands-on instruction and development activities to assist with the growth of the emerging bio-manufacturing industry.

Keith Albert, Ph.D.

Keith is an expert in liquid handling performance management and applies a wide range of platforms, applications, liquid volumes, and liquid classes to provide customized services.

The senior Artel Applications Specialist, Keith applies rigorous science and his deep experience to his work in liquid handling system performance research, customer education and assay/method validation services.

Dana Campbell

Dana is a seasoned life sciences professional, with extensive experience in genomics and automation in a variety of laboratories throughout North America.

As a field Applications Specialist at Artel, Dana works directly with laboratories to solve complex liquid handling and process issues that are often critical to their productivity and compliance, and to the integrity of their test results.