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New Products at SLAS2015

The SLA2015 Exhibition showcases the latest advances in laboratory science and technologies from across diverse industries and applications. Following is a partial list of new products scheduled to make their debut in the SLAS2015 Exhibition. Be sure to stop by these exhibitors' booths to see these new innovations, interact with product developers, and learn how they can benefit your organization.

ACEA Biosciences, Inc. – Booth 1445

NovoCyte Benchtop Flow Cytometer
NovoCyte benchtop flow cytometer is a high performance, system that's powerful, user-friendly and customizable. Offering up to 3 lasers, 15 parameters, and 7-log dynamic range and an automated start-up and shut-down plug and play setup.

xCELLigence CardioECR
The first ever platform to combine impedance and field potential recording for simultaneous and non-invasive measurement of integrated ion channel activity and contractility of cardiomyocytes to study cardiac toxicity excitation-contraction coupling with viability.

Alpaqua Engineering – Booth 1050

Magnum FLX Enhanced Universal Magnet Plate
The Magnum FLX is a universal 96-well magnet plate for rapid separation of magnetic beads, compatible with all 96-well microplates, robotic platforms, sample volumes and low volume nucleic acid elution.

Analytik Jena – booth 437

CyBio┬« Overture – Application and Instrumentation in Perfect Harmony
Changing from manual pipetting to automated workflows is always a challenge, also for automation experienced users. Besides the underlying liquid handling lots of additional settings must be taken in to account. Stock and target concentration, dead volumes, well contents and more. With CyBio® Overture, the new liquid handling software of Analytik Jena AG, you will always maintain an overview. Smart color identification, calculation of reagent quantities as well as the visualization of the expected pipetting results are only some of the innovative features of this software.

Apricot Designs – Booth 323

S-Pipette – innovative pipettor offering multiple levels of flexibility: Interchangeable 96/384 Core, Adjustable Split-level Plate Elevators, EZ-Load Tip Technology. Pipettor controls: Apple® iPod / iPhone,Touch Screen, or Quick Access Keys.

BioMicroLab – Booth 1429

VolumeCheck 384
Preview this new model for volume detection in 384, 96, 48, and 24 well plates.

Scan barcodes and weighs the widest array of tubes and vials with this small compact system.

SampleScan HS 160
New model 2D barcode reader for 384, 96, 48, and 24 well tube racks in less than three seconds.

For more information visit our website at:

BlueCatBio GmbH – Booth 347

BlueWasher: Contact-less, near zero residual volume plate washer
Our BlueWasher plate washer uses centrifugation instead of aspiration to remove liquids from all plate formats, including 1536 well. It achieves near zero residual volume and operates contact-free, eliminating problems associated with conventional, aspiration-based washers. More info at

Burkert Fluid Control Systems – Booth #1417

Increasing miniaturisation with higher performance – Burkert's new WhisperValve micro valve technology keeps pace with these trends, featuring an extremely compact design with unusually high efficiency for its size. Innovative actuator technology enables virtually silent switching of the valve, which makes the WhisperValve unique in its markets. A design with minimal internal volume, excellent flushability and reliable media separation is combined with high switching speed and dosing accuracy. The new actuator also enables proportional switching behaviour of the valve.

CorSolutions – Booth 1248

The PneuWave is a pneumatic fluid delivery system with integrated flow sensors and closed-loop feedback, which provides precise, accurate, pulse-free flow. The pump has an integrated compressor and can be controlled by either flow rate or pressure. One application area is low volume precision dispensing where it offers traceability for each individual dispense.

CYTOO – Booth 1250

MyoScreenΦ℠ is a fully mature human muscle micro-tissue model can be used to discover drugs to treat sarcopenia, cachexia, musculo skeletal related diseases, neuro muscular disorders, as well as to evaluate compound's myotoxicity and impact on metabolism.

Douglas Scientific LLC – Booth 1021

IntelliQube®, first fully automated high-throughput instrument supporting quantitative real-time PCR, end-point PCR, and isothermal chemistries allowing you to have walk away operations with increased lab efficiency and decreased consumable cost.

FlowJo, LLC – Booth 219

FlowJo Enterprise
FlowJo Enterprise is an acquisition-to-results and reports analysis solution which breaks the paradigm of DIY data management, manual analysis, and 2D visualization in single-cell phenomics with automated pipelines for smart analysis, statistical cluster comparison for iterative pipeline improvement, plug-and-play automated clustering algorithms, and predictive phenotype prediction.

Grenova – Booth 950

TipNovus™, a bench top tip washer that enables labs to wash, sanitize, and dry contaminated pipette tips in large quantities for reuse. TipNovus reduces consumable cost and waste by up to 90%.

Horizon Discovery – Booth 1541

On Demand Haploid Knock-Out Cell Lines
Custom cell engineering finally in reach of the broad academic market. On demand generation of human haploid cell lines using CRISPR-Cas9 at low cost and shipped within 10 weeks.

infotem Software AG – Booth 74

iLAB Platform
The basis for your laboratory automation software.

IntelliCyt Corporation – Booth 1001

Ique Screener HD
The first and only commercially available platform for high throughput screening of cells, beads, microbes, and mixtures in suspension using 1536-well microplate formats. Learn more! Visit our booth and website:

LabMinds — Booth 1353

LabMinds' Revo
LabMinds' Revo is an adaptable and fully automated liquid solution production system. It centralizes solution preparation by combing water purification, solid and liquid storage and dosing, mixing, pH control, vacuum filtering, label printing and GLP adherence into one device. Revo allows you to order and customize solutions remotely using its web or mobile interface, and notifies you when they have been securely dispensed. It offers unparalleled data integration and traceability and provides GHS compliant labels for its prepared solutions. With full process automation, just-in-time preparation of tailored solutions, and a sophisticated predictive maintenance approach, Revo releases scientific minds from the burden of procedural lab tasks.

JSR Life Sciences – Booth 204

ExoCap is a kit for exosome isolation and enrichment for use with cell culture supernatants and biological fluids. Our kit is based on immunoprecipitation method using our Magnosphere magnetic particles that enables fast and easy exosome isolation. For more information, please visit

Molecular Sensing Inc. – Booth 1619

TruBind™ BSI System 100
The TruBind BSI System characterizes small molecule — intractable drug target binding (e.g. membrane preps, fibrils, PPI's) using a novel conformation — sensitive, label-free, free-solution detection system based on Back-Scattering Interferometry.

Oriental Moter – Booth 1347

EAS Series
The EAS Series linear actuator offers high performance at a great price. It is available with a pulse input or built-in controller (stored data type) driver, electromagnetic brake, and space saving configurations. These motorized linear slides are quick and responsive and incorporates a ball screw and a THK-manufactured LM Guide™ as the guide. Being compact and rigid, this series is effective in supporting large transportable mass.

Parker Hannifin - Precision Fluidics Division – Booth 915

Parker Smart Syringe Pump
Parker Smart Syringe Pump is a 30mm syringe pump that improves the performance of Clinical Diagnostic and Analytical Chemistry systems requiring precision fluid delivery.

Practichem – Booth 1507

Arista™ Slice Protein Chromatography Workstation
Arista redefines scientific instrument software: collaborative, web based method development makes sharing a snap. Operate touch enabled Arista simultaneously from Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android. Five fluidic schemes and plenty of valves serve the most demanding applications. The built-in BioDetector™ detects proteins, peptides, DNA and buffer concentration. Finally, Arista comes in a compact, 22 cm slim profile.

ReSyn Biosciences Pty Ltd – Booth 1644

MagReSyn® High Capacity Magnetic Microsphere Technology
The high-performance MagReSyn® product range has been developed from the proprietary ReSyn polymer microsphere technology. The superior technology offers several unique features that have been translated into solutions for the most stringent requirements of life-sciences researchers, including automated sample preparation and HT screening.

regenHU Ltd. – Booth #342

3DDiscovery® BioSafety Cabinet bio-printing Solution
The industrial environment sets new requirements to the bio-printing and bio-fabrication hardware. Aspects such as operator safety, product safety, regulatory framework and Quality Management Systems were realized in the development of this new product generation, the 3DDiscovery® BioSafety cabinet bio-printing solution.

SGI-DNA (Synthetic Genomics, Inc) – Booth 245

BioXp™ 3200 System
The BioXp™ 3200 System is the new automated DNA assembly benchtop instrument developed by Craig Venter and Dan Gibson's team.

SpectralWorks Limited – Booth 952

The only open access solution with support for multiple vendors' mass spectrometry hardware.

Union Biometrica – Booth 1343

VAST BioImager™
The VAST BioImager™ automates handling of zebrafish larvae for imaging by loading each into a capillary where they can be rotated in the field of view of a microscope.