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SLAS Inaugural Leadership Forum — SLAS2015

On Sunday and Monday, February 8-9, SLAS will host the Society's first Leadership Forum dedicated to key, strategic-caliber issues related to life science R&D. This is an invitation-only event for executives, senior-level management, and key opinion leaders among the SLAS community. Among the invitees will be past and current leaders of SLAS and its legacy organizations, the Society for Biomolecular Sciences (SBS) and the Association for Laboratory Automation (ALA).

This inaugural program will feature a panel discussion focusing on the recent publication in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences — "Rescuing US Biomedical Research From Its Systemic Flaws":

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences [2014 111 (26) E2632-E2633]
Bruce Alberts, Marc W. Kirschner, Shirley Tilghman, and Harold Varmus, University of California, San Francisco; Harvard Medical School; Princeton University; and National Cancer Institute.

The long-held but erroneous assumption of never-ending rapid growth in biomedical science has created an unsustainable hypercompetitive system that is discouraging even the most outstanding prospective students from entering our profession—and making it difficult for seasoned investigators to produce their best work. This is a recipe for long-term decline, and the problems cannot be solved with simplistic approaches. Instead, it is time to confront the dangers at hand and rethink some fundamental features of the US biomedical research ecosystem.

Read the entire paper

Scheduled panelists include:

Donald E. Ingber, MD, PhD
Professor of Bioengineering, Harvard University
Founding Director of the Wyss Institute
Alicia Löffler
Associate Provost, Innovation and New Ventures, Northwestern University
Rob Nail
Co-founder of Velocity 11 and associate founder of Singularity University
James D. Sterling
Interim Dean of the College of Natural Sciences; Director of Minerva Labs, Minerva Schools at KGI

SLAS 2015 Leadership Forum At-A-Glance

Sunday, February 8
2:00 Welcome Reception
2:30 Panel Discussion: Rescuing US Biomedical Research From Its Systemic Flaws
5:30 SLAS2015 Reception in Exhibit Hall
6:30 SLAS President's Reception
Monday, February 9
7:30 Leadership Forum Breakfast
8:30 SLAS2015 Keynote Address by Donald E. Ingber, Founding Director, Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University
10:00 am Access to SLAS2015 Exhibition

Admission to the 2015 SLAS Leadership Forum is by invitation only and requires a separate registration fee. For more information, or to request an invitation to attend, please contact Suanne Determan of the SLAS Professional Team at