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Student Poster Competition

SLAS2015 Student Poster Competition Top 5 Finalists

The SLAS Student Poster Award recognizes the innovative research by students, graduate students, post-doctoral associates, and junior faculty (less than four years in first academic appointment) who are chosen to present a poster during SLAS2015, the Annual Conference and Exhibition of the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening. Click here for complete details on this program.

The SLAS2015 Student Poster Judging Panel reviewed all posters submitted for this award, and the following are the Top 5 finalists. These finalists will present their posters to the judges on Monday, February 9 between 1:00 – 3:00. The judges will select the Top 3 winners, each receiving a cash award of $500 and an invitation to participate in an interview with the SLAS Lab Man immediately following the awards ceremony.

Congratulations and best of luck to these Top 5 Student Poster Award finalists:

Poster #7018
A Microfluidic Device with Integrated Oxygen Sensors for the Cell-Based Screening of Cancer Treatments under Transient Hypoxia
Samantha Grist, University of British Columbia, Vancouver

Poster #5002
ALDH inhibition as a trigger for necroptotic cell death of Ovarian Cancer Stem Cells
llana Chefetz, University of Michigan

Poster #5004
Utilizing small molecules to study mitochondria presequence-degrading protease
Juwina Wijaya, University of California Los Angeles

Poster #1026
Screening for Synergy of Resveratrol and Repurposed Drugs Towards Retinoblastoma
Kathryn Champ, Johns Hopkins University

Poster #7022
Proliferation of MRC-5 and A549 cells on modified poly(dimethylosiloxane) (PDMS)
Agnieszka Zuchowska, Warsaw University of Technology